Functional Medicine

functionalMedicineFunctional Medicine is personalized medicine that deals with prevention and and treatment of underlying causes, instead of symptoms. This science-based field of care encompasses both allopathic and advanced nutritional approaches, in an aim to provide accurate diagnosis and individualized patient care.

Functional Medicine recognizes the web-like interconnection between physiological, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental and social health. Treatment uses the patient’s story as a key tool for integrating diagnosis, signs and symptoms, and evidence of clinical imbalances into a comprehensive approach to improve both the patient’s environmental inputs and their physiological functions.

A wide range of diagnostic procedures are utilized to ensure a comprehensive functional examination of core clinical imbalances that underlie various disease conditions and to enable more specialized patient monitoring . These procedures include hematological investigations, urine and stool analysis, as well as sophisticated endocrine testing. Treatment is primarily drug free, though traditional allopathic medicine are used when necessary. Treatment Methodologies include dietary and nutritional counseling, combined with appropriate use of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants, herbs and natural hormones.



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