Our Services

Amelia’s Organics is a holistic health consultancy and health food store. The objectives for which the Company was established are:

  • To carry on the business of importation and export of natural products into and out of the country.

  • To engage in the business of importation of herbs and spices, preparation of herbal extracts, tinctures, creams and other products from organic sources.

  • To engage in analytical laboratory, distribution and selling of food supplements, essential oils, flavours, vitamins and minerals.

  • To engage in consultancy and practice of natural medicine in all its ramifications.

  • To this end, we have distinguished ourselves as one of the leading Nigerian Alternative Integrative Provider, with proficiency of producing Natural Products designed to support people in the quest for better health and well- being.

We can provide:

•  Nutritional Therapy

•  Spa & Massages

•  Naturopathy

•  Functional Medicine

•  Weight Management Program

•  Iridology

•  Herbal Medicine


•  Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

•  Bionetics


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