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fatManWeight Management with Natural Nutrition

Combining Natural Nutrition, Homeopathy and lifestyle counseling; weight loss and weight gain programs are carefully constructed to offer bespoke packages that take into account the needs and lifestyle factors of each individual clients.

The link between loss, grief , anger , stress , and weight problem is recognized and met with a unique holistic approach that encompasses the physical , mental , emotional , social and environmental aspects of one’s sense of ‘self’ in relation to their health.

Every tailored eating plan is simple, easy to follow and practical; aiming to be thoroughly varied and delicious in order to be successful. Daily exercise and lifestyle choices are considered as part of each program, and a range of recipes based on fresh seasonal produce incorporating Eastern and Western cuisine is provided for every client.


Weight Loss with Herbal Medicine

This cutting–edge program is designed by experts in natural healthcare to provide you with an effective plan to improve your energy, vitality and weight management. This program helps to:

  • Mobilize fat stores for fat loss

  • Avoid restrictive and unsafe diets

  • Stabilize blood sugar levels and boost energy

It is a lifestyle programme that helps you feel and look great. It is not a diet but rather a healthy way of eating to help maintain health over the long – term. It emphasizes delicious, nutritious meals in conjunction with regular exercise and the recommended nutritional and herbal supplements.

The programme promotes weight loss without the need for highly restrictive diet which is often associated with low compliances and rebound weight gain. You will learn how you can eat a varied and highly nutritious diet which will bring about loss and a more shapely body. You will also have increased energy and vitality and an improvement in general health. It is a lifestyle that can easily be adhered to over the long – term and ensures continued health benefits, including the maintenance of a healthy body weight and size.

What can I eat on the programme? You are able to eat a wide variety of foods emphasizing good quality protein, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains. You will eat three normal sized meals each day and you can also have healthy snacks between meals if you desire



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